Apr. 18th, 2010

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So, apparently, LJ's giant transphobic fail was the push I needed to move to Dreamwidth more completely.

I'll keep my LJ account around and check its friends page every so often. I've also set up a crossposter so my LJ friends can continue reading and commenting on my posts. However, I think I'm done with my LJ otherwise. I mean, never say never, I guess, but I'm certainly not planning on coming back.

A question: I've noticed that people with LJ accounts have sometimes commented on people's Dreamwidth posts. How does that work, exactly? Seems like it would be easier to have all the comments in one place...

Another thing I want to know is, do security settings carry over? In other words, if I set a DW post to be access-locked, will it be friendslocked on LJ?

Anyway, gonna fix up some stuff on my LJ account now. Don't worry, LJ friends; I'll do everything I can to make sure we don't lose contact. (And I mean, since I'm crossposting, it's not like things will be that much different from your perspective anyway.)

ETA: Mostly got it figured out, I think, but I'd still welcome any suggestions/advice. ^^
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It's a remix of a Sonic Advance 2 song... in the style of the Genesis games! :D

(Now, let's see if YouTube embeds work any better on Dreamwidth...)


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