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What Amadi said.

ETA: She just gave permission to copy the entire post, so Imma do that:


If you:
  • Find that I've just quoted someone you know of to be a known repeat offender abuser/bully without noting that the person is problematic
  • Find that I'm engaging with such a person, perhaps without knowledge of their history
  • Note that I have invited someone of this sort into a larger conversation in some way
please let me know. While I am, I think, aware of the three most prominent trouble-causing people in the corner of the social justice blogosphere I hang around in at the moment, obviously things have occurred and will occur outside of my knowledge. Come to me, talk with me, let me know. Help me to help keep us all safer. In turn, I will, with respect and with only that goal in mind, do likewise for you.

Note: Feel free to duplicate this post or use it as a jumping off point for your own statement on this matter. No attribution required, even if you copy completely. This isn't about me, this is about us as a community.

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Date: 2010-10-16 02:56 am (UTC)
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I got into a disturbing conversation a few days ago in someone's LJ. Someone else posted a reply containing a joke about domestic abuse and I followed up with "Thus does the Patriarchy keep women subjugated" o words to that effect. This person replied to me that she found the joke funny and why am I upset. I answered that as a victim of domestic abuse I emphatically didn't find it funny, and that because of jokes like that, violence is being taught as acceptable because it makes people laugh. She then started in on the victim blaming and that just because I didn't find it funny I shouldn't impose my beliefs on others. I kept confining my argument to how society needs to change so jokes like this are never considered funny, and she kept on attacking me personally, as if I had been attacking her personally. She got very defensive about what I was saying. I finally pointed her at Derailing for Dummies and stopped responding. This led to her and another person accusing me of derailing. It led to me feeling victimised once again : (

Victim blaming FTL.


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