Aug. 17th, 2010

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Thinking I need to post more happy stuff.
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Apparently I'm one of, like, only three people I know who don't think Star Trek Online is the worst thing ever.* o.o

Maybe it's because my expectations were tempered by what I saw on the Cryptic forums during closed beta (I forget how, but I somehow got a code for it; alas, it wouldn't run on the computer I had at the time). It was like:

Angry Forum People: This sucks! Instead of a vast universe of endless possibilities, it's just a bunch of action-focused missions on small, instanced maps!
Me: So... it's a Star Trek version of PSO? That still sounds cool, though. o.o

My friend Saki tried it and hated it for similar reasons, and while I understood and even agreed to an extent, I was still eager to give it a try. And so I got it, and I liked it, and, well, I still like it. I mean, Cryptic's design approach definitely isn't the one I would have taken (not even close, actually), and I'll be the first to agree that the game needed at least another six months of development before its initial release. But, I mean, it's oodles of fun (especially the space PvP -- just fantastic stuff there), and a bunch of my friends play it, and it's also helped me work through my social anxiety because the STO player community mostly doesn't suck.

So. :)

(Mind you, that's not to say that I don't sometimes wish for what might have been...)

* That sentence is hyperbole. (I just realized that could be unclear to non-NT readers.)
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Debating whether I should get a paid DW account or not.


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