May. 16th, 2010

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Here's a bit of what's been going on with me lately:
  • My lovies and I are fixing to go into freelance software development. Jess has experience with the business side, which will be helpful and what I was lacking before, and Grace and I are helping each other learn the stuff we'll need. :) I am excited about that.

  • As soon as I can (probably won't be until next month, though, due to extenuating circumstances which I've made filtered posts about), I am going to register a domain for my game site and finally get the freaking thing up and running. I've made excuses for long enough, and there's really no reason I can't get this thing started.

  • Speaking of website stuff, I'm considering doing guests posts for some blogs I admire. :) Mainly FWD, as I have a few things to say about mental ableism. After that, maybe I'll get off me arse and start blogging more regularly at my own places... Which would be a first XD

  • This is the scary one -- I am going to force myself to meet new people! *gulp* You see, it has come to my attention that the local LGBT org (mainly cis LGB, of course -- no, I'm not going to support ENDA as it stands, leave me alone!) hosts a trans support group. My attendance there will be mainly about meeting other trans people here. :) It is honestly terrifying to me to meet new people, but I've gotta do it. And I think I can. :)
Last year was the year of fixing my life, and so this year is the year of getting on with it already! So, umm, I need to do that. >_> So I will! :)


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