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I'm fond of the Spoon Theory as an explanation of what it's like to get through a day as a disabled person. I've used it a lot myself, to describe what it's like to live with my depression.

I'm wondering if it's appropriate to do so, though. I mean, it's not that I think that clinical depression isn't a "real" disability; it very much is. But the spoons metaphor was created specifically to refer to physical disability, and I'm worried that I might be appropriating an experience that isn't mine by using the metaphor.

What do you think? Is it appropriate to use in my case?

I suppose I should be asking this in a different venue.
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I need to start doing these posts again.

Star Trek Online
Despite having done about a million zillion posts about this on my old LJ, I still have yet to write a proper review. Here's a short version: It's not the grand space simulator a lot of us were hoping for, but it is a very fun game that blends the naval-style space combat of Starfleet Command with ground mechanics similar to the Phantasy Star MMOs. Oh, and it's fun to play around with all the character customization options. :D The only reason I might (depending on the audience) hesitate to recommend it is because it doesn't have quite the amount of items and ancillary features that MMO players expect; this is not so much an issue for me but it may be for others.

The Movies
This is an old tycoon-type game where you run a movie studio. You have to build sets, commission scripts (or write them yourself -- this is way fun, as you basically get to make your own little mini-movies!), keep your stars happy, and build your studio's prestige, all without going bust. It's a tricky balancing act, and quite often a frustrating one, but that's exactly what I find so compelling about these sorts of games. I do wish it was easier to hire new stars, and that the sandbox mode would let me play with everything without having to unlock it first.

Fable II
I don't know why I got back into this. I really don't care for it all that much, mainly because it's so easy. Although there's a lot of neat stuff you can do on the side -- getting married, buying property, training your dog to do tricks and the like -- the core dungeon-crawling and hack-and-slashing just isn't very challenging or interesting at all. I wish the enemies were smarter and put up more of a fight, and I wish the puzzles and mazes were more complex. Oh, and screw the game's fat shaming. Yeah, if you eat enough food (which you need to heal yourself), your character will get fat and the game will shame you in various ways for it. >_< Grr.

Mega Man 10
What can I say? It's Mega Man. It's fun. :) The weapons aren't as useful as in Mega Man 9, but the stages and bosses are more creative, albeit silly at times -- beware Sheep Man, whose wool shoots thunder! No, I'm not making this up! XD But yeah, lots of fun. Playing as Bass is pretty neat, too, as is hard mode (though it hands me my arse more often than not!). Can't wait to get the endless mode for this, as that was my favorite thing about MM9. Now, if they'll just add a female playable character...

Super Street Fighter IV
I traded in a bunch of old games (including my original SFIV) to get this. It's definitely an improvement over the original -- the netcode is better, it doesn't look squished on my SDTV anymore (I think they pulled the camera back instead), it has more characters (yay, Ibuki!) and they're all unlocked from the start. Still annoyed that it's so hard to do links, though; I was really hoping they'd do something about that. And they nerfed Ryu! I get why, but still, boo to that. Ah, well -- I'm having all kinds of fun playing online, even if I still kinda suck. ;) Yes, still! Maybe these games just aren't for me...


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