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“Elaine Brown once said that radical love was the hardest road to walk but the most revolutionary. Radical love makes it impossible for you not to hold the mirror up to yourself and work to decolonize your own mind and your practices in order to be worthy of those you love. It makes you take risks to talk about the hard things with people who may not yet want to hear them or who you know will lash out at you even as they stare into the mirror you raise up, because you do it not to shame but to help others grow and to grow with them. Most of all, radical love requires you to let go of your ego and to occasionally lose control over ‘truth’ for the good of the larger goal of social justice for everyone not just yourself.”
- The Meaning of Truth and Honesty: A Reflection on Radical Love on the Margins in the Age of Pomo « Like a Whisper

Still reflecting on this post, but I wanted to call attention to this part. Especially that last sentence; wow, that really hits home.

“Control over ‘truth’” — that’s what a lot of this BS of the Internet activist culture's (and mine, since I've been a part of it) has been about, isn’t it?

As usual, love is a better way. Why is it so difficult to see that, though?


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